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Amani Thailand is a medical tourism agency

Our objective is to make high-quality, affordable surgeries and medical care accessible to people regardless of where they are located in the world. The content on the Amani Thailand ( is solely intended to provide general information only as a service. Amani Thailand does not offer medical advice and information provided by Amani Thailand should not be received as medical advice. Furthermore, information on this website should not be used to treat or diagnose any health condition and is in no way intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice or care.  

As with any surgery, there are risks and complications with regard to the surgery itself as well as the healing. It is important to not compare your own surgery and healing experience to someone else, as such experiences are unique and individualized. Some complications that may arise include but are not limited to infection, delayed healing, and keloid scarring. It is impossible for any doctor, hospital, clinic, or medical facility to guarantee a complication-free or risk-free surgery. 

Surgical results between patients vary. While Amani Thailand provides examples of before and after photographs on our website and social media platforms, it is important to note that such photographs cannot be used as a standard for what you can expect from your own surgical outcomes. Expectations about your specific case and surgical results are discussed and determined solely during consultations between you and your surgeon. Only your surgeon can determine what surgical outcome(s) you can expect. 

Amani Thailand is not liable for the services provided by any third parties, including doctors, clinics, or surgeons. Amani Thailand connects individuals seeking surgeries and medical treatments with doctors and surgeons who are able to provide such services. All decisions you make when participating in medical tourism should be carefully considered and researched. Amani Thailand is not liable for any information you were not not aware of at the time or your travel, medical, and/or surgical experience. 

Information, content, and/or photographs of surgical outcomes that Amani Thailand provides on its website, social media outlets, or any other media source is provided solely for the purpose of basic and general information and should not be considered as a medical treatment or diagnosis.

Amani Thailand, Co., Ltd. reserves the right to accept or refuse clients at our discretion. All prospective clients are assessed on a case-by-case basis and, as such, not all applicants are a good fit to work with our team. Our goal is to ensure the highest quality of care and the best outcome for our prospective clients.